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Junior Golf

Country Club of Leawood's Junior Golf Program

We're excited to introduce a new program for our junior golfers!

Over the off-season we worked hard to create a new curriculum with a company called Operation 36. The big changes to our Junior Golf for 2018 were that we encouraged more playing on the course and we also had an app that helped us track every player's advancement throughout the season. See the attached flyers for more information about Operation 36.

The main goal of Operation 36 is to get the juniors to shoot 36 (even par) from 6 different distances (25, 50, 100, 150, 200, standard tee).

Throughout the process there is a set curriculum of golf topics that your juniors will learn and be tested on. The Operation 36 app will be unique to each of your juniors and will be a great way for you and them to track their advancement throughout the season. They can also see how they compare to their peers in a leaderboard type setting on the app. 

Operation 36 Flyer
2018 Junior Golf Program
2018 Future 36 Program (Little Linksters)
2018 Junior Academy Advanced Flyer

 CCL Team Opportunities

The Country Club of Leawood also offers team opportunities for Junior golfers. PGA Junior League can be a great way to test whether your Junior golfer is interested in competitive golf by breaking in with a fun and low pressure event.
PGA Junior League Golf

The idea behind PGA Junior League Golf is to set up a team format that will be similar to what our youngest players use for other sports. As a part of the CCL PGA Junior League Team the players will receive a jersey with a number similar to other sports. I encourage you to check out the above website for more cool information about PGA Junior League!
Who is eligible? The PGA Junior League will be open to our players 13 and under.
What is the format? Each match will have 12 players playing. Those 12 players will split into four teams of three and each of them will play a 9-hole match against one of the teams from the other course. The 9-Hole match will be split into three 3-hole matches (each of these being worth one flag). The team with the most flags at the end of the matches is the winning team. During the matches the players will play a scramble format.
When and where are the events? We will be following up with much more information on this over the next couple weeks. At this time we do not have a schedule, but we do know that we will be in a league with Lake Quivira, Hallbrook and Blue Hills. We will play a home and away match with each team.
How do you get your junior into PGA Junior League? Contact the Golf Shop and let us know your junior would like to participate.